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Hemming Curtains when You’re Lazy AF(like me)

Let’s talk about sewing…I’m awful at it, am not patient enough to sew and will look for any other way to hem or trim something to avoid sewing.  So when I got these curtains at Ikea and they were too long, I had to figure out a way to hem them without sewing. ?

I even hung the curtain rod all the way up to the top of the ceiling to see if it would help but they were just too long!

I don’t mind if a little bit of fabric touches the floor, but this annoyed me.


Instead of hemming the curtains I decided to just cut the loops off of the tops of the curtains.


Just be careful not to cut on the thread because that will pull the seams out.  I cut right above the seams. 


Since the loops that you use to hang the curtains are now gone, you need a way to hang them on a curtain rod. On the back of the curtain there’s a seam that you’re going to put a small cut on. Does that make sense? Here’s the the spot where you’re supposed to cut.


Just do a small cut on ONLY the back side of the fabric. Do not cut through all the layers or it’ll be cut through the front of the curtains. Here’s a picture of my cut.  It’s right along the seam but I made sure not to cut any of the thread. Do this on each end.


Here’s one curtain done and one not yet cut.


Here they are now all hemmed without having to sew!

You can get the curtains here if you like them! They’re only $15 for the set!

What do you think of my lazy girl hack?!  Too short?  Do you like super long curtains?  I’d love to hear your input!


Love you all!

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  1. Great idea, and you gave really good instructions on how to make this change without doing any sewing! I’ve done this before, and ones I’ve changed had openings on each end (instead of having to make the cuts) where I was able to slide the rod through-so check this too!?

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