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$2 Confetti Art

Can you believe that this craft cost me $2?! It took me less than 15 minutes to make and I’ll show you how you can make one too!


First, I saw this bag of confetti at Target and I had an idea!


I just grabbed a piece of computer paper and started placing the confetti in rows, just barely having them touch.  They weren’t perfect or anything, this is a difficult craft to mess up no matter how you do it.


I forgot to take a picture of this step, but I just hot glued all of the circles one by one.  This was the longest part of the craft, probably took me about 5 minutes.


That’s it!  I just put the paper in a frame that I already had and it’s done!  This little piece of art is such a fun blend of glam and modern.


Are you going to make one?  Any questions?   If you don’t like the gold, then you could paint it different colors or even use a circle hole punch that scrapbookers use?  If you’re not able to find that confetti at Target, it is also available here.


Hope you enjoyed this simple, easy, inexpensive and sparkly craft!  Love you all!

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