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Studio Apartment Styling

I have been wanting to show you this studio apartment for forever!  I’m finally catching up with all of my photos.  This is a studio apartment that I was able to style back in March, right before Covid 19.  The interior design was brilliantly done by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.  I love partnering with them,… Read More Studio Apartment Styling

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Easy DIY Shower Curtain!

Want another easy DIY that anyone can do?! I am going to show you how I used a throw from Goodwill as a shower curtain!  So let’s first show you what I’ve done in my bathroom so far: I forgot to take a picture of what my shower looked like once we moved in, but… Read More Easy DIY Shower Curtain!

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DIY Goodwill Mirror Update

Hello!  So I’m excited to share another DIY with you all!  I was able to show you some of the clothes that I found at the amazing Vancouver Goodwill, but I wasn’t able to show you this beautiful mirror that I found there!                 That’s it!  I then… Read More DIY Goodwill Mirror Update

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Pillow Turned Macrame(Being Resourceful with your Decor)

Small soapbox moment:  I am constantly asked about how you can afford decor, or how to make a room nicer if you don’t have any money to spend.  Here’s what I have learned: BE RESOURCEFUL!  Think of ways that you could use a piece in a different way.  I’m going to give you an example… Read More Pillow Turned Macrame(Being Resourceful with your Decor)

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DIY Feather Medallion/African Juju Hat

For almost two years, I have wanted an African Juju hat!  They look so cool in an entryway, above a bed or on your mantel.  They actually symbolize prosperity and are said to have been worn by dancers during big ceremonies.  That is so cool!  I love them, but they are SO expensive!  I even… Read More DIY Feather Medallion/African Juju Hat

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Unique Christmas Cards: Basic Invite

**This is a sponsored post by Basic Invite. Their amazing cards and invites can be found here. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.** I love to be creative!  In all honesty though, graphic design is not my thing.  I get frustrated and overwhelmed.  I want my printed… Read More Unique Christmas Cards: Basic Invite

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DIY Easy Colorful Christmas Wreath

 I’ve shown you my colorful Christmas decor and my Rainbow ombre tree, but now it’s time to show you the cheapest project out of all of this Christmas decor: Here’s how I did it:                                 What do you think?!  I… Read More DIY Easy Colorful Christmas Wreath

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Colorful Christmas Decor

  Who doesn’t love the holidays?!  I love any opportunity to decorate with lots of color, parties, and being with family!  Here is my colorful Christmas decor to help you feel inspired for the holidays!                   So there’s the tour so far!  Hopefully it gives you some… Read More Colorful Christmas Decor

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Green Thanksgiving Tablescape

I’m so excited to share this tablescape with you!  This entire tablescape is almost completely Goodwill finds!  I’m working on trying to give you lots of inspiration/options for your upcoming holidays!  For fall/Thanksgiving, I’ve given you an Aqua, Pink, Rustic and Gray tablescapes.  Now here’s a hunter green tablescape that I think you’ll love!  You… Read More Green Thanksgiving Tablescape

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DIY Inexpensive Light Upgrade

Is your home full of these awful boob looking lights?!  I have a ton of them throughout my house, and I hate them!  So ugly!  I decided to try and change one out by myself and add something more stylish.  Well, stylish but cheap!  Here’s how I did it for less than $15!   I… Read More DIY Inexpensive Light Upgrade