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Easy Way to Decorate for Christmas

Is Christmas/holiday decorating a little overwhelming?  Do you feel like you have to redecorate your entire house or buy all new decor just for a holiday?  I found an easy way to add holiday decor to everyday items that you already have!  It’s cheap, easy, and adds a fun amount of Christmas cheer to your… Read More Easy Way to Decorate for Christmas

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Dress Up Casual for Holiday Parties

Do you have any holiday gatherings, parties or dinners coming up?  Is it one of those super formal events?  Or just something that you dress up a little bit for? If you’re not wearing party clothes very often, it can get super expensive for something that you’ll only wear a few times.  An amazing solution… Read More Dress Up Casual for Holiday Parties

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Fall Must Have: Boots

My love for shoes runs deep.  Especially for shoes from Goodwill and this fall/winter seasons are perfect for boots!  I currently prefer ankle boots “booties” with all of my fall and winter fashion.  It is often wet and rainy here so I usually can’t wear heels, tennis shoes or flats because they will get soaked.  Boots… Read More Fall Must Have: Boots

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Gray Pumpkin Tablescape

I made another Thanksgiving/Fall tablescape!  My favorite one yet!  I went with a neutral gray, gold and some greenery.  Here’s what I put together:                           Here’s some more pictures just because I love it so much. 😍            … Read More Gray Pumpkin Tablescape

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Easy DIY Pumpkin Wreath

Okay, I know, I know, everyone is probably playing Christmas music already, but I am still holding onto fall.  Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite!  Anything that involves pie is my favorite!  But for real, I love the idea of being grateful and a holiday that gives me a perspective about what’s important.  Anyway, I made… Read More Easy DIY Pumpkin Wreath

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Agate Wall Art

I have a crazy obsession with color.  I don’t know why, maybe because it’s cloudy here in Portland so much, so I’m trying to make it brighter? 🤷‍♀️  Or maybe because it’s fun to play with color and add pops of it?  Anyway, regardless of why, I love color!  I have been eyeing these pieces… Read More Agate Wall Art

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Holiday Party Outfit

Do you have some work or fun holiday parties coming up?! Do you need a fancy outfit to wear without breaking the bank? Well I have a lot of ideas for you! Today I am sharing my first idea. Goodwill Boutiques offer incredible high end clothing for an affordable price.  While shopping at the boutique,… Read More Holiday Party Outfit

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Fall Fashion Must Haves: Jackets and Sweaters

Now that fall is here, it’s a season with more layers and warmer outfits.  Here are some easy must haves for fall that you can get at Goodwill.   Here’s some of the sweaters that I chose:       Not only are sweaters cozy, but all you have to do is a sweater, pants… Read More Fall Fashion Must Haves: Jackets and Sweaters

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Goodwill Boutique Take 2

As I’ve mentioned before, Goodwill has these amazing boutiques!  I wanted to show you more of the amazing brands and cute outfits that you can put together for fall. First, let’s talk accessories!  I LOVE purses, jewelry and shoes!  They are so fun to add to an outfit and give great personal touches to any… Read More Goodwill Boutique Take 2

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Blue Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hello everyone! Are you looking for some Thanksgiving, Fall or Harvest tablescape ideas?!  Well I have a turquoise one for you today!  First, I made a traditional fall tablescape: I simply changed out a few items and created this blue fall tablescape: Here are some details: I kept the same tablecloth, plates, silverware, napkin rings… Read More Blue Thanksgiving Tablescape