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Keeping it Business Casual for Fall Fashion

As someone who loves clothes shopping at Goodwill, it’s fun to tell people where I get my clothes if they compliment a part of my outfit.  They usually can’t believe it, and I try to convince them to check it out!  One of those skeptics was my husband, Mitch! After seeing a lot of the… Read More Keeping it Business Casual for Fall Fashion

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Mor Furniture Design Star

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to do a magazine shoot behind the scenes?  I was able to partner up with Mor Furniture for their Design Star Bedroom Competition and I want to show you all of how it went down.  Firstly, before we went to their showroom in Miramar, CA we had to… Read More Mor Furniture Design Star

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Pretty in Pink Pumpkins

My personal style is definitely glitter, sparkle and glam.  I try to tone it down a little because I’m so “extra” 😂 but every once in a while I let my sparkly freak flag fly and do something matching my personal style.  This Pretty in Pink Pumpkin Tablescape is no exception.  I wanted a table… Read More Pretty in Pink Pumpkins

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Goodwill Fashion Hunting

Have you ever been clothes shopping at Goodwill?! It’s so fun, and I can’t believe the brands and cute clothes that are available there! The Portland area Goodwills are AMAZING! I wanted to show you how phenomenal the fashion options are on a random day at Goodwill just a few minutes from my house: First… Read More Goodwill Fashion Hunting

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Shower Curtains for the Kitchen

As you may know, I have an unhealthy love for shower curtains. 😂  After trying to find curtains to go right above my kitchen sink, I found ones that were okay, but they got super gross with dish water and other things splashing on it.  Then I suddenly thought of 💡 “Duh!  Use a shower curtain!”… Read More Shower Curtains for the Kitchen

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Embroidery Hoop Wreath take 2!

Fun fact about Embroidery Hoops:  They come in sets of two!  So the set that I got for 99 cents at Goodwill that I used for this Hoop Wreath left me with another hoop to make another wreath!  Here’s the new one: There isn’t really a rhyme or reason as to how I do my wreaths,… Read More Embroidery Hoop Wreath take 2!

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Shower Curtain Shams

You read that right! Sham pillows made from shower curtains! It was simple, easy and inexpensive! Just like all of my projects.😉 First, let me explain why shower curtains are one of my decor secrets that I’m sharing with you. When I’m talking about shower curtains, I’m referring to the fabric ones and not the… Read More Shower Curtain Shams

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I Bought Amazon Pillow Covers..Pillow Sham Wow

Pillow Sham Wow…get it?  Haha, I’m such a dork! 😂 As I’ve mentioned before, Style doesn’t need to be expensive!  It just takes being resourceful!  Hopefully I can be one of your resources. 💁‍♀️ Buying different and cheap items on Amazon can be hit and miss so I wanted to share a shopping win!  🎉… Read More I Bought Amazon Pillow Covers..Pillow Sham Wow

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DIY $10 Wall Hanging

I am stoked to share this project with you for many reasons: 1-It’s sooo easy! 2-It’s soooo inexpensive! 3-It looks soooo awesome on any wall for your home! Here’s the one that I made for our master bedroom: I love it so much!  It’s one of my favorite decor projects that I have ever done.… Read More DIY $10 Wall Hanging

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Southwestern Tablescape

I have been really into cactus, cattle skull and southwestern decor lately. It all started with this macrame project and then I fell in love! Is it like that for you? You find a style and take off with it? Or am I the only crazy one? 🙈😂 Anyway, I put together a Southwest tablescape… Read More Southwestern Tablescape